on the Graukogel

Swiss stone pine path on the Graukogel

You have certainly heard of the legendary Gastein stone pines! Some of these trees are over 400 years old. A visit is not only worthwhile because of the great view but also because of the unique smell of the Swiss stone pines.


Opposite the Stubnerkogel in Bad Gastein lies the Graukogel with the Zirbenweg.

The leisurely walk of about 45 minutes starts at the Graukogel mountain station, which is located at about 1950 m above sea level. The path was laid out a few years ago as a nature trail and has a few surprises in store for young and old.

Along the signposted stone pine path, you can relax at the large stone pine bed and enjoy the peace and quiet. If you then continue, you will come to the Swiss stone pine swing on which not only the children will feel good. The stone pine table invites you to take a longer break, from where you have a wonderful panoramic view of the Gastein Valley.


The Swiss stone pine and its powers

Did you know that Swiss stone pine has a positive effect on us humans?
Who doesn't love the fragrant stone pine parlours of old farmhouses and huts?

Swiss stone pine has an unmistakable scent. The spicy, forest-like pine scent with a fine balsamic note can be easily integrated into our everyday life:

  • for room air purification
  • inhalation for colds
  • as an ideal companion for sauna and bath
  • Swiss stone pine furniture and cushions for a peaceful sleep

Swiss stone pine oil is also a natural protection for humans and animals against unwelcome insects, such as moths in the home or mosquitoes in summer. Mix a few drops of Swiss stone pine oil with water and apply. In the boxes, Swiss stone pine bags or scented stones with Swiss stone pine oil also help prevent moths.