in Gasteins mountains

The mountain bikers are out!

Mountain biking has become increasingly popular in recent years and it is a sport that can be practised by anyone who is enthusiastic.

We at the Residenz Gruber got into biking some time ago. That's why we are happy about every guest who shares our passion with us.

If you are already sweating just thinking about mountain biking but would actually like to try this beautiful sport, don't worry, even as a beginner you are in good hands with us in the Gastein Valley.

In addition to 14 well-signposted mountain bike routes, the Gastein Valley also offers guided tours.

From the beginner's tour to alpine biking, everything is offered and thus really everyone finds the right thing.

Of course, the pros among the mountain bikers no longer need a guided tour. They can explore our beautiful mountain world on their own. For this purpose we are at your disposal with advice and help in choosing the tour.

  • After a successful tour, you can bring your mountain bike back to shape at the washing area behind our house.
  • You can quickly fix minor bike ailments with our service box so that the chains are oiled again for the next day!
  • Our locked bike cellar ensures that your bike has a good and safe night.

Why are we so busy mountain biking right now?

We love to swap our hiking boots for a mountain bike every now and then.

We get on our bike right outside the front door and start pedalling. That's the moment when we can switch off and fully enjoy nature and the fantastic view. The landscape in the mountains is beautiful, varied and colourful in every season. When the sun is shining and the view is clear, we enjoy the mountain panorama.

Then, when we come home from a trip, there is simply nothing better than the sauna in our house.