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Hike to the Böckfeldalm

The Böckfeldalm is at approx. 1540 m and at the same time the local mountain of Böckstein. During the hike you have a fantastic view of the Gastein Valley.

The nature around the Böcksteinalm is really special and must be mentioned separately. The forest has something of a primeval forest and you will find great flora and fauna.

A tip beforehand, treat yourself to a Brettljause (snack) at the alpine hut. Already at the start of the hike we find a sign with the opening hours of the alpine pasture.


Hiking trail no. 129 begins more or less directly behind the Residenz Gruber. It takes about 1 hour to reach the mountain pasture. The ascent is quite steep in the meantime, so you should have some stamina and endurance. The anticipation of the Brettljause will motivate you to persevere.

Please walk the path consciously and stop every now and then to enjoy the great view. From up there, you can also see our Tauern lock, which connects us directly with Carinthia.

Böckfeldalm am Radhausberg in Böckstein

Once you've arrived at the alpine pasture, you've really earned your rest. If the host's people are not there, with a bit of luck there are a few drinks chilled in the water basin in front of the hut. But be careful - don't forget to pay!

After the well-deserved break, you can walk the same route back to Böckstein.

For those who want to go further, there is the option of continuing from the Böckfeldalm to the Zittrauer Alm and the Stubnerkogel middle station.

At the Zittrauer Alm there is also the possibility to hike up to the Hirschkarkogel. The summit is at an altitude of 1990 metres. The detour to the summit takes about 40 m.



Tips for mountain hikes

  • no hike without careful planning
  • suitable footwear
  • check the weather forecast and always pay attention to the weather
  • plan enough breaks
  • drink enough and don't forget to eat
  • always stay on the marked trail
  • in case of emergency, stay calm and call the mountain rescue service.
  • Euro emergency call: 112
  • mountain rescue 140

Now nothing can go wrong - so get up the mountain!